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Of course, Maukonens are to be found in Finland, our country of origin. But, due to immigration in the early 1900s, Maukonens came to Canada and the United States.

There appear to be three distinct "clusters" in North America.

The Canadian Maukonens (and lineage) originate from Kalle Maukonen and his five sons (from Edla) and his daughter, Doris (from Emma, Kalle's second wife).

Then there is a cluster of Ohio Maukonens with a significant number residing in that state though some family members have relocated to other parts of the United States.

There is another cluster of Maukonens living in Central Florida. This family group has roots
in Ohio but has not yet established what relationship they have with the Maukonens who are still residing in Ohio.

"It was a thrill to find out about other Maukonens living in different parts of this continent." That has been the feedback from a number who have received Sanoma Maukonen. Those living in Canada had little idea that we had "cousins" south of the border. The discovery of a cluster of Maukonens in Ohio has opened up opportunities to be in contact with those further afield (even with some in Finland).

As an Example
In September of 1996, Ontarian and Floridian Maukonens had their first face-to-face meeting. Through an Internet search we found Donna Maukonen on the home page of a Florida-based ministry organization for which she worked. Donna was to be at a conference in Detroit on September 20th and so we set up our own personal meeting there.

Bret (Port Colborne; son of Henry and Olga) and his wife, Lynne, travelled to be with Donna and we had opportunity to share about the backgrounds of our respective Maukonen clusters. There have been subsequent trips and meetings and many exchanges through e-mail messages, letters, and calls.

The following is a portion of the description of her family history which appeared in Sanoma Maukonen (Vol. 1 No. 3). Of note is the apparent relationship between Donna's grandfather, Matti, and Kalle, the forefather of Canadian Maukonens:

Matti Maukonen was born May 1, 1888 in Konnevesi, Huytola. He had two sisters (Erikka and another) and three brothers (Wilho and two others). His father was a tailor, and he took this trade also. Matti and his father worked together, travelling from home to home wherever their services were needed (mostly country farmers). When Matti learned all he could from his father, he moved to a large city (Tampere) and apprenticed there. From there he traveled to Helsinki and then on to Toronto, Canada where he had cousins. From Canada he emigrated to Akron, Ohio.

Over the past few years, there have been some exciting and pleasant contacts established between Maukonens who previously had no idea of the other’s existence. As well, there has been renewed contact between "long-lost" relatives. We invite you to sign our Guest Book on the Welcome page. You may also request that your name be added to the mailing list for Sanoma Maukonen.

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