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     Kalle Maukonen as a young man

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(The following is what I recall my father, Henry, telling me about my grandfather.)

Kalle Maukonen was born in Mikkeli, Finland. Mikkeli lies 200 kilometres (130 miles) to the northeast of Helsinki where his sweetheart, Edla Rautanen (?), lived. Kalle and Edla were wed September 9, 1903 and emigrated to Canada most probably in 1903. The reason for emigration may have been to escape Czarist-controlled Finland. (Finland only became independent in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.) It has been told that Kalle was given the identity papers and ticket of a neighbour in order to exit the country.

Edla Rautanen (?),
the first wife of
Kalle Maukonen,
mother of the five boys.

Kalle and Edla had five sons (named in the picture below). Edla died at a young age and eventually Kalle remarried to an American woman, Emma, who had been his housekeeper in Toronto. They had three children (see the link to Kalle & Emma).

Kalle was a tailor by trade and had an obvious influence on his sons. Three spent some time earning livelihoods in tailoring and my father was also skilled at sewing. Neil was a prominent custom tailor who, at the last, had his shop in the prestigous King Edward Sheraton Hotel in Toronto.

We do not have any written records nor verbal recollections concerning Kalle's origins in Finland.

by Bret Maukonen

     The Maukonen boys (left to right):
     Neil, Karl, Norman, Eric and Henry with their father, Kalle.

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