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  Agnes ("Daisy") Maukonen
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A report on the 1996 Maukonen Get-Together (adapted from Sanoma Maukonen • Vol. 1 No. 3 Fall 1996)

In 1996, we couldn't properly use the word "reunion" because many Ontarian Maukonens had not seen one another for decades. For some, it was the first time to meet. I'm sure that a number felt a bit nervous in anticipation of our planned gathering as we journeyed to Orillia on August 3rd.

The family of Neil Jr. (d.) and Mary had offered to host the event in their area. Kirk (son of Neil and Mary), his wife, Linda, and daughters, Stephanie and Michelle, arranged for us to use the fellowship hall of St. Athanasius Anglican Church where they attend. Sheryl (Bennett; daughter of Neil and Mary) drew a map for those unfamiliar with the city and so family of Kalle Maukonen converged on that place 128 kilometres north of Toronto.

Weather on that Saturday was pleasant enough to set up chairs in the shaded backyard of the church where we began gathering at 10:00. Tables were set up in the hall for the display of pictures and other family memorabilia and for two banks of tables to accommodate the group of thirty attendees during the lunchtime meal.

Even as we were in the process of contacting Canadian Maukonens with notice of the get-together, we became aware of a number who had not been on our mailing list. Other plans for that day had already been made by some and, so, regrets were expressed. For others, the trip would not be practical this year. Diane (Wise; daughter of Eric and Jean) who was living in Norfolk, Virginia faxed photos and a note. Jackie (Azar; daughter of Neil and Georgina) was living in Vancouver and had earlier sent photos with an indication that 1996 would not be the year to make a cross-continent trip. Even though some Maukonens could not attend, the quality of response was encouraging and the group who met in Orillia were made aware that those absent were at least with us in the spirit of the event.

There were a few formalities before lunch and sharing of messages conveyed by those who could not attend. Then we moved into the lunch hour and informal conversation as people mingled. The potluck meal showed that our family has a knack for cooking and Margie (Tom's wife) made a nicely decorated cake with the inscription 1st Annual Maukonen Reunion.

The concensus was that this first get-together should become an annual event. As we drove away from Orillia on that beautiful August evening, we thought that it had been particularly good to be together with "family."

Indeed, the opportunity for Maukonens to get together was repeated in 1997. But that year, we could not call it a Canadian Maukonen Get-Together. After the one in 1996, we had established contact with Donna Maukonen (Florida; daughter of Carl and Jean) and as she and her sister, Marcia, came north for a week to joined with us at the Orillia gathering, it became a North American Maukonen Get-Together.

The venue for that gathering on July 5th was again in the fellowship hall of St. Athanasius Anglican Church in Orillia and, again, we enjoyed a beautiful summer’s day for the event. While some who had been there in 1996 were absent, we met other "new" people and the attendance had increased to 34, including one new birth (Adam McMullen) and our two guests from the United States.

The Get Together was held on Saturday, July 18th for the third time at St. Athanasius Anglican Church in Orillia, Ontario. About twenty-five people were in attendance. Tom Maukonen (Severn Bridge; son of Norman and Agnes) acted as Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon event.

It was decided to hold the next Maukonen Get Together in September of the year 2000. The event will likely be for a whole weekend and the suggested location is Stanton House Lodge on Sparrow Lake. With all meals and accommodation cared for, there will be more time for socializing.

Are Maukonens in other locations planning special gatherings for the year 2000? We would like to hear about those plans and post the information on this site.

A group photo of the 1998 Maukonen Get-Together
taken on July 18th in Orillia, Ontario

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