Henry Ilmari Maukonen
(Jan. 16, 1907 - Aug. 3, 1973)

Henry in Arizona in his 20s

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Henry (also called "Harry" and "Monk") married Olga Kozachenko (June 10, 1910 - Jan. 21, 1998) and they had three children:
- Elaine Denys Lenore
- Edward Alan
- Haarl Bret

Olga Kozachenko in her 20s

Henry was the second child of Kalle and Edla. Born in Toronto, he was schooled there and spent some time at the University of Toronto before heading south to Arizona where he worked and recovered from a bout with tuberculosis. He spent those years of his 20s working in the hotel business (Arizona, Chicago, and St. Catharines, Ontario). He and Olga (Kozachenko) were married at Agricola Finnish Lutheran Church in Toronto on June 19, 1937 and lived in Port Dalhousie which is located due south of Toronto across Lake Ontario. Elaine and Ted were born to them during this time and, after the war, they relocated to Toronto. Bret, their last child, was born mid-century. Through some difficult times, Henry continued to provide for his family and finished his working life at Prestolite Battery in Toronto.

Henry, Olga. Elaine, and Ted on Argyle Street in Toronto

Although the household was not affluent,
they lived within their means and with the understanding that there would always be food in the fridge, a roof over their heads, and the encouragement for the children to get as much education as they wished to pursue.

He is remembered as a quiet, peaceable person who loved reading and learning. Often, he would rise through the night or early in the morning and would sit in the kitchen reading a book. His interests would lead him to watch documentary or political programs and, if one wanted to engage in a discussion, he was always open to accommodate that. Another interest was to read "Westerns" and to watch those stories on television Probably this was stimulated by the memories of his time in Arizona.

In his retirement, he continued to serve his family and would often spend his time cooking meals especially for family gatherings when they returned home from church on Sundays. He had a knack in the kitchen with skills learned while he was in the hotel business.

Perhaps something that is most telling is that former co-workers came by after his death and provided help for his wife and family out of a sense of gratitude for what he done for them over the years.

His wife, Olga passed away on January 21, 1998.

Elaine lives in London, Ontario. Ted lives in Rockwood, Ontario. Bret lives in Owen Sound, Ontario.

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