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Oskar Maukonen
Photo of Oskar Maukonen
Oskar Maukonen, brother of Emil Maukonen, Otto Maukonen and a sister. More details to come.
The Carmania

Passenger: Maukonen, Oskar
Date of Arrival: April 19, 1911
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Built by John Brown & Company, Clydebank, Scotland, 1905.
19,524 gross tons; 675 (bp) feet long; 72 feet wide.
Steam turbine engines, triple screw.  
Service speed 18 knots.  
1,550 passengers (300 first class, 350 second class, 900 third class).

Built for Cunard Line, British flag, in 1905 and named Carmania. Liverpool-New York service. Served as an armed merchant cruiser, then troopship 1914-18. Scrapped in 1932.

Photo: Peabody Salem Museum