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Otto Maukonen
Photo of Otto Maukonen
Otto Maukonen, brother of Emil Maukonen, Oskar Maukonen and a sister. More details to come.
St Paul

St Paul

Passenger: Maukonen, Otto
Date of Arrival: January 25, 1902
Port of Departure: Southampton

Built by William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilders, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1895.
11,629 gross tons; 554 (bp) feet long; 63 feet wide.
Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw.  
Service speed 19 knots.  
1,370 passengers (350 first class, 220 second class, 800 third class).

Built for American Line, in 1895 and named Saint Paul. Southampton-New York service. Used by US Navy as auxiliary cruiser in Spanish-American War of 1898. Transferred to United States Navy, American flag, in 1918 and renamed USS Knoxville. Armed transport service. Capsized while completing refit in April 1918. Laid-up 1918-20. Returned to American Line, in 1920 and renamed St. Paul. Further trans-Atlantic service. Scrapped in Germany in 1923.

Photo: Andreas Hernandez Collection